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Judicial Appeal Process

The University offers an Appeal Process to all students who feel the facts surrounding their judicial meeting merit an appeal.

  1. The student must fill out an Appeal Form available from the Assistant Dean of Students' Office. This must be completed and returned within 2 business days after receiving notice of disciplinary sanctions.
  2. The student may appeal a decision based on one of the following reasons:
    1. The treatment received was unjust.
    2. All the facts in the situation were not considered.
    3. The action taken was too severe for the behavior involved.
    4. The Student did not receive due process as outlined in the Campus Life Handbook.
  3. The Appeal Form must be complete and detailed. Students are not guaranteed an interview with the judicial council hearing the appeal. All judgments on an appeal may be made solely on the information written in the appeal. This information must be directly related to one of the three reasons above. This information must also be typed and stapled to the Appeal Form.
  4. The student will be provided an official written notification detailing the decision to accept or deny the appeal.
  5. The Grade appeal process is listed in detail in the "Grievance Procedures (Academic)" section of the Campus Life Handbook.

Undergraduate Appeal Form: PDF | DOCX

Adult/Graduate Appeal Form: PDF | DOCX

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