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CSC485. Internship in Computer Science (3) As Needed

Prerequisite: CSC 205, 220, 235, and one of 321, 360 or 365.

Selected students are assigned as interns to obtain supervised practical work related to the CS discipline at a business or non-profit organization.

An internship is a supervised experience directly related to an academic discipline. It is part of the student's total academic experience and is not a job per se; it is a learning opportunity having direct relationships to the student's program of study and career interests. It typically lasts for one semester and must be completed the semester in which the student has enrolled for internship credit. Internships can be completed in January and summer terms as well as regular terms. Three credit hours are awarded for each internship, which should add up to 150 hours worked. CS interns must write an Internship Experience Report, which is the department academic component requirement.

Intern Evaluation Form: .doc | .pdf

Intership Guidelines

Internship Opportunities
IBM Internship