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Wilson Speaks on Religious Conflict

Oct 15, 2008

Union hosted Dr. James Wilson of the Irish Peace Institution to campus to discuss the Northen Ireland Peace Process and Ehtnic and Religious Conflict. Wilson is a naative of Belfast, Northern Ireland who joined the British military to defend his friends and family from the IRA. After serving in the British special forces, he did some mercenary work, some public relations work for foreign regimes, and then went to graduate school to study religious conflict.

Wilson spoke to Dr. Cooney's Democratization and Human Rights Class on the "Long Peace Process" in Northern Ireland. Later that day, he spoke to around 20 students on ethnic-religious conflict. Students asked a wide range of questions ranging from his experiences in Kenya and Northern Ireland, the reason he studies what he does, when nations should intervene militarily and many other issues. It was an informative time for all concerned.