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Belt is Hoops Leviathan

Apr 3, 2009

The Department congratulates Brittany Belt as the Hoops Leviathan in the Department of Political Science's Second Annual Bracket Challenge. Brittany also wins the award for most improved performance as she was near the bottom of last year's challenge. In winning the coveted award, Brittany said, "I want to thank Senator Lamar Alexander's office for their indispensible help in allowing me to become Hoops Leviathan. I can call them at anytime and will always get a prompt response. Their office is the model of constituent service."

It was also a good year for Missouri as Brittany Belt from Sikeston was followed by Kristen Bush of Sexton. The "Show Me" State showed everyone that Missouri knows basketball. Laura Grossberndt came in third due to her UConn Huskies making it to the Final 4. Lauren Laster came in 4th and Emily Stephens came in 5th. While Hilary Clinton and Sarah Palin may have put cracks in the glass ceiling, our students have shattered the glass ceiling in baracketology and the department commends our ladies for their accomplishments.

Dr. Evans won the faculty award besting Drs. Cooney and Watson. Not only is he department chair but he will also have the Endowed Bracketology Chair in Political Science for the coming year. Dr. Evans also was the highest performing male coming in 6th place.

The Department would also like to thank President Barack Obama for making his picks which the Department added to the pool. The result is that President Obama came in 22nd (out of 26). And this leads to some good news and bad news. The good news is that  21 Union faculty and students outpicked the president which indicates 81% of the members of the pool have better judgment that President Obama. The bad news is that Barack Obama is president and we are going through difficult economic and international times. Let's hope that the president has better judgment in economic, domestic, and foreign policy than bracketology. But if these leads us to call into question the president's decision making skills what does it say about those who finished below him, especially Meg Owen? We all know that Jared Nolen (10th place) is dating above his level but Meg Owen's 24th place finish leads us to question her judgment in men.