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Dr. Watson Delivers Paper in Rainy Vancouver

Mar 24, 2009

Dr. Watson traveled to beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, to participate in a panel at the annual meeting of the Western Political Science Association meeting March 19-21. Unfortunately, the weather in Vancouver did not realize the import of Dr. Watson's visit and rained for the duration of his time there. 

His paper was entitled "Evangelical Political Thought and the New Natural Law Theory." In this paper Dr. Watson considered the practical philosophy of a group of Catholic scholars from an evangelical perspective. Also presenting in the same panel was Dr. Bryan McGraw, political theory professor at Wheaton College. Responding to both papers with aplomb and insight was Dr. John Stackhouse, a Canadian evangelical scholar with an appointment at Regent College in Vancouver.

The non-academic highlight of the trip was a meal at the Afghan Horsemen restaurant, Canada's first Afghani restaurant.