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Students Attend Evanspalooza

May 12, 2009

Last night, most of the majors and minors attended Evanspalooza, the annual year end cookout for political science students. While at Evanspalooza, students enjoyed the hamburgers and hot dogs, marveled at the improvements that the soon-to-be Dr/Mrs. Evans has made to Dr. Evans' home, celebrated the achievements of the graduating seniors, and recalled the good times from the past year.

The highlight of Evanspalooza was the awards ceremony and senior farewell addresses. Jordan Scott received the award for Outstanding Political Science major while Alex Scarbrough received the John Burgess Award from the Tennessee Political Science Association for outstanding work in political science. Carl Harken received the award for Outstanding Political Science Minor but was unable to receive it because he was playing with Union's baseball team in the Regionals.

The Department then awarded the prizes for outstanding research papers. First place, and $100, went to Nathan Tilly for his paper "Evangelical Political Identity: Is there evidence of a move to the middle?" Second place, and $75, went to Jordan Scott for his paper "District Partisanship and Candidate Ideology in the 2006 Congressional Elections." Third place, and $50, went to Alex Scarbrough for her paper "Defining Greatness: Lessons on Leadership from the Lives and Presidencies of Washington, Lincoln, & FDR."

The graduating seniors then got to answer a few questions where we found out that Tilly considers Coburn (dining hall) a cuss word and that all our graduates would hate to be a teacher. On the bright side though, in their pearls of wisdom for underclassmen, they mentioned how much they benefitted from the time spent with their professors and they encouraged all of them to spend time in their offices and learn as much as they can from them.