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Fincher Speaks at 8th CD Forum

Oct 7, 2010

Stephen Fincher, Republican nominee for the 8th Congressional District, spoke at an open forum last night at the Carl Grant Events Center on the campus of Union University. In explaining why he was running, he told the audience that when he was first approached with the idea that he said no because he was a farmer and businessman but not a politician. That and his wife threatened to divorce if he ran. But the more and more that he and his family thought about it, they decided that a farmer and businessman who has met a payroll, balanced his books, and know what is necessary to create jobs is the kind of person that is needed in Washington and thus he decided to run. He pledged to be transparent and accountability, to serve no more than 12 years in DC, to keep his own health insurance, to be fiscally responsible, and to support a balanced budget amendment.

After his introductory statement, he then answered questions submitted by the audience and staff members. On bringing jobs to West Tennesse, Fincher claimed that we have to stop punishing the job creators through regulations like health care reform which raises costs and forces business to lay off workers and raising taxes. On illegal immigration, he says that we need to stand with Arizona to ensure immigration laws are enforced. Third, he promised to repeal Obamacare. Fourth, he supports internal congressional reform and promised to read bills before voting on them and not seeking earmarks. In foreign policy, he says that we need strong and stern leadership so others will not try to push us around. We need to support Israel and consider all options when dealing with Iran trying to gain nuclear capabilities. Moreover, we should listen to the generals in Afghanistan and not let politics dictate when we leave. He then answered several questions about Roy Herron's attack on his disclosure forms and claimed that his forms have been approved by his attorneys, bank attorneys, and the FEC. Moreover, Fincher claimed that Herron was making baseless attacks to deflect attention from the issues and his record of supporting the Obama agenda.