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Watson Helps Organize Evangelical Political Thought Conference

Mar 4, 2011

On February 17-19 political theorist Micah Watson took part in a conference that he helped organize at Westmont College in California. The conference, entitled “Natural Law and Evangelical Political Thought”, was designed to be a workshop consisting of nine papers presented on the topic of how and if evangelicals should adopt natural law thinking in their approach to politics. Each author was assigned a commentator who responded to the paper and offered constructive criticism. Each paper will comprise a chapter in a forthcoming edited volume. Dr. Watson’s paper addressed the natural law thought of C.S. Lewis and how Lewis might provide a promising way to introduce evangelicals to the possibilities of natural law.

This conference is part of an ongoing collaborative project that Dr. Watson has been working on with his political theory counter-parts at Wheaton College and Westmont College, Dr. Bryan McGraw and Dr. Jesse Covington, respectively. Other participants in the conference included former Union University professor Daryl Charles, Villanova’s Jesse Couenhouven, Westminster Seminary at San Diego’s David Van Drunen, theologian Vincent Bacote of Wheaton College, Matthew Wright from the University of Texas at Austin, and Paul DeHart of San Marcos State University. Robert George of Princeton University gave a plenary address and participated in the first day of the conference, and political philosopher J. Budziszewski of the University of Texas at Austin participated in the entire conference, spoke at chapel, and offered a comprehensive and rousing review address at the concluding luncheon.