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Coxes Discuss Arab Spring

Dec 3, 2011

On Nov. 30, Larry Cox, a former vice president with the Southern Baptist Convention’s International Mission Board, addressed the topic of Islam and the Arab Spring at Union University.  Cox now serves as senior director of the WinShape Foundation in Mount Berry, Ga., after serving with the IMB for 23 years in various leadership roles.
“The 2011 ‘Arab Spring’ is an ongoing process of political and social change among the countries and peoples of the Middle East,” Cox said. “What are the potential ramifications of these changes for the kingdom (of God)? Many assume that this process will culminate in democracy, which in turn will lead to increased opportunities for evangelicals.  However, the constraints may be more cultural than political, and kingdom growth may depend more on social and religious changes than on political reform.”
Cox’s son Jeremy, who lived and worked in the Middle East, North Africa and Europe as an international development consultant and director for the past 13 years, joined him for the event. Jeremy is currently a doctoral student in international relations at the University of Mississippi.