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Baker, Watson Headline Town & Gown on Media and Politics

Feb 7, 2012

Drs. Hunter Baker and Micah Watson were the speakers February 6th for the opening night of the Media, Politics and Democracy Town & Gown lecture series sponsored by the Center for Media, Faith, and Culture. Dr. Baker's address, "Falling Apart: Observations on the Current State of Media, Culture, and Politics," offered an incisive and humorous look at how the media has changed from the days of Walter Cronkite and four television stations to today's seemingly infinite number of media outlets. He encouraged the audience to take their duties as citizens more seriously by becoming better informed about political affairs. Dr. Watson pursued a similar theme in his talk, "Ezekiel Bulver and Modern Media & Politics." Dr. Watson described the various interests and incentives that journalists, politicians, and the general public have and how these relationships impact our civic discourse. He concluded with some good citizenship tools for our civic toolboxes.