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Department Celebrates Students at Evanspalooza

May 1, 2013

 This past Monday, the Department hosted Evanspalooza, which is the year end departmental cookout and awards ceremony, at Dr. Evans house.  Over 40 individuals attended this event to eat, socialize, and celebrate.  During the awards portion, Kylie McDonald won the Outstanding Major award.  Kirby Lewis won the Tennessee Political Science Association's John Burgess Award for meritorious achievement in Political Science.  Jacob Melder won the award for Outstanding Minor.  The Department also gave out its research awards that come with a cash prize. The first place winner was Kylie McDonald who examined ethnic conflict in India.  Second place went to David Speer for his work on whether public financed stadiums are a good deal for cities.  Third place went to Kirby Lewis for his work on how culture affects politics.