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Union University Dept of Language


About Us

The Institute was established in the first year of a new century to promote initiatives developed in response to growing needs to reach beyond traditional models for higher education, bridging into the 21st century where globalization and cross-discipline endeavors will be on the forefront.

The mission of the Institute is the:

  • Advancement of Intercultural Initiatives
  • Promotion of International Education
  • Coordination of International Student Services
  • Development of International Studies
  • Promotion and Coordination of ESL Initiatives
  • Facilitation of Interdisciplinary Course and Program Implementation

Through the institute students and faculty are supported in their efforts to engage in international, cross-cultural and cross-discipline learning opportunities. The Institute supports a number of study-abroad programs sponsored by affiliated organizations such as the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities and the Consortium for Global Education. On campus, the Center develops programs and services that enhance the international and cross-cultural awareness of the entire campus community, with particular focus on cross-discipline and global service-learning endeavors.