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Equipment Disposition Guideline

All applicable end-of-support or end-of-need computer/media equipment must be returned to Information Technology (IT) for proper disposition. This includes equipment purchased by IT, by individual departments, or through grants.

This policy applies to the following types of University-owned equipment:

It does not apply to scientific devices and similar equipment. If you have any questions regarding applicability, please contact Information Technology.

No University-owned equipment will be sold to Union employees.


Technology/media equipment often contains toxic elements such as mercury and lead. The Environmental Protection Agency dictates proper handling and disposal of hazardous materials. These regulations, as stated in the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA), establish more restrictive requirements for institutions and organizations than for individual households. These requirements specify delivery of such equipment to an approved hazardous waste disposal facility or recycler, rather than to a solid waste landfill used for residential disposal.

Redeployment/Disposal of Computer Equipment

Information Technology is responsible for the life cycle management of the University's IT hardware resources and will determine if the equipment should be redeployed, donated, sold or discarded.

Equipment determined to have remaining cash value will be sold to vendors of used equipment, non-profit organizations, or other vendors. Obsolete equipment may be (a) given to e-recyclers or (b) donated to non-profit organizations upon written request from the organization. Union University provides no support or warranty, implied or expressed, for any equipment sold or donated.

Information security and privacy standards are determined by governmental regulations, state and federal, and by University policies. In order to comply with such standards including FERPA and HIPAA, Information Technology will erase all data from computer hard drives or other storage media to ensure that no data can be recovered. Union complies with the DOD (Department of Defense) standards DOD 5220.22-M for erasing data on storage media prior to the disposition of computer equipment. If the storage media cannot be erased according to these specifications, the storage media will be destroyed.

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