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Union student helped with prep work for Olympics

JACKSON, Tenn.March 1, 2002 – “The Olympics is the one event where nations from all over the globe gather in the same location for a three-week period,” says Nathan Scott, a junior sports management major at Union University and volunteer missionary for Global Outreach. “There are several countries that we aren’t allowed to enter and share the Gospel, but at the Olympics, they come to us.”

At the age of 21, Scott has had the awesome privilege to travel around the country sharing the Gospel through his favorite hobby – sports.

“It is my ultimate joy to be doing what I love in the greatest sports event in the world while being obedient to the Lord,” says Scott.

Though he is a full-time student at Union, Scott has used his breaks and has even taken a semester off to do prep work for ministry opportunities at the recent Olympics’ in Utah. A typical week for Scott meant leaving on a Wednesday afternoon for Salt Lake City, having to study on the plane and barely making it to class on Monday.

“It’s tough balancing both responsibilities,” says Scott. “However, I am available and God is using that. I know He called me to this mission field.”

One of the rarest, yet most effective means of spreading the Gospel at the Olympics is “pin trading.” Dan Walker, president of the Baptist Association in Utah, says that pins are the Olympics’ currency. People walk around sporting several pins from all over the world. If they see a pin they like, they trade for another pin, money, or other form of payment. Scott and fellow volunteers wore pins with the plan of salvation on them symbolized through colors (much like the salvation bracelets).

“When someone wants my pin, I trade it in for the Gospel,” explains Scott on how sharing the plan of salvation worked. “I give him a track and invite him to the coffee house. It’s a really cool and effective ministry.”

Other ministry venues that Scott and the other volunteers participated in were supplying canteens of hot cocoa and coffee, warming stations for bystanders, and hospitality bags full of band-aids, lip balm, lotion, breath mints, and tissue. They also had the Main Street Coffee House with Christian entertainment and an inviting atmosphere to welcome pedestrians.

“The Olympics’ ministry is an awesome way to get the message of Christ to all the nations,” says Scott. “Many decisions were made, and we expect God to do even greater now that the Olympics are over.”

By Ginger Rowlett,
Class of 2003

Media contact: Sara B. Horn, news@uu.edu, 731-661-5215

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