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Portal Overview

Signing into the Union University Portal

The Union University Portal provides current members of the university community a variety of web-based resources and services. You must sign in to access the portal.

  1. You can use a laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphone to access the portal.
    • There are three columns of the portal (one column on smartphones). The portal should automatically reformat to fit within your display or browser window.
    • To see more details about what services work with what kinds of devices, see Information Technology's Support for mobility page.

  2. Use/download a recent version of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome or Safari for the best experience.

  3. When typing the address for the Union University Portal, it's portal.uu.edu - no www.

  4. If you are asked to sign in when going to the portal, remember to type   uu\    before your Union username (for example uu\george.burdell for a student username or uu\gpburdell for an employee username). Be sure to use the backslash (\) above the Enter key, not the slash (/) on the question-mark key. (You may also sign in using your official Union email address.) Then use your normal Union password.

    • Exception: If your username is longer than 20 characters, sign in with your full Union e-mail address without uu\ before it.
    • If you are connected to the university's network, in some cases your network username will automatically be used as your portal username.

  5. Are you seeing an error message when you try to sign in? If solutions for these specific errors do not help, contact the IT Help Desk using any of the Getting Help contact methods listed there.
    • If you are told your username or password is incorrect, please see step 4 above. If needed, reset your password now at password.uu.edu
    • If you see one of the two error messages below, the problem is not related to your password. Changing your password will not resolve either problem.
    • "Constituency redirection": Please report this problem to the IT Help Desk and use the appropriate link below until you receive notification that the issue has been resolved.
    • "Access denied": Please report this problem to the IT Help Desk. You will not be able to use the portal until IT staff are notified and fix the problem.

What's available in the portal?

For Employees

  • Office of University Communications (OUC) site with an extensive list of services as well as FAQs, advertising 'best practices' and other valuable resources
  • Human Resources' Employee Benefits Center with the latest benefit information (UU Resources menu)
  • Employee Forms & Documents centralized from the university web site and network drives (UU Resources menu)
  • Curriculum proposal review and commenting for university faculty (Academic Resources menu, Office of the Provost & Vice President for Academic Administration)
  • Community-building Buy/Sell, Prayer Request, and JUFF submission sites, plus employee birthdays and hiring anniversaries (Community menu)
  • Information Technology tips like how to connect your phone/tablet to your Union e-mail (UU Resources menu)
  • Ellucian Colleague access with no sign-in required after one-time setup (UU Bookmarks > Administrative/Operational)

For Students

  • Student Forms & Documents (Student Resources menu)
  • Degree Audit - Unofficial lists courses completed/remaining for a current or proposed degree (WebAdvisor tab, Academic Profile)
  • Degree Audit - Official application allows traditional-undergraduate juniors and seniors to apply online for a degree-audit appointment (Academic Resources menu, Academic Center)
  • Academic programs' portal sites such as the Educator Preparation Program (Academic Resources menu)
  • Student organizations' portal sites such as enactus (Student Resources menu)
  • Voting and Surveys (UU Resources menu)
  • Disability Services' application for reasonable accommodations (Student Resources menu)
  • discounts including cell phone service (Community menu)

Where can I learn more about the portal?

What if I have problems accessing the portal?

What if I have more questions about the portal?

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