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Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Contact Information

  • Admissions (Traditional BSN & LPN-BSN):
    Office of Undergraduate Admissions,, 731-661-5100
  • Admissions (Accelerated BSN, RN-BSN & First Step to BSN):, 731-661-6545

Purpose of Program

To prepare competent professional nurses who provide caring therapeutic interventions to meet the health needs of culturally diverse persons.

Mission Statement of Program

To be excellence-driven, Christ-centered, people-focused and future-directed while preparing qualified individuals for a career in the caring, therapeutic, and teaching profession of nursing.

Program Goals of the Baccalaureate Program

  1. Provide baccalaureate nursing education within a liberal arts framework which is excellence-driven and which provides opportunity for the development of the total personality - spiritual, psychological, sociocultural and professional.
  2. Prepare the graduate for entry into the profession of nursing as a generalist.
  3. Provide preparation in baccalaureate nursing that serves as a basis for entry into graduate level nursing education.

Expected Student Outcomes for Baccalaureate Program

The graduate of the baccalaureate nursing program will be able to:

  1. Explain, support and defend the concept that each person is unique and wholistic and has rights to self-determination in matters pertaining to health.
  2. Synthesize the nursing process to assist diverse persons toward meeting basic needs in various settings.
  3. Assimilate the professional nurses' role of advocate, communicator, counselor, change agent, teacher, leader, and provider and manager of care to assist the client toward optimum level of wellness.
  4. Communicate effectively in interpersonal relationships with individuals and families, with other members of the healthcare system, and in documentation of data.
  5. Use critical thinking skills to integrate theoretical and empirical knowledge from nursing, the humanities and the biologic and social sciences in the promotion of health.
  6. Utilize the research process and use findings in nursing practice to contribute to the improvement of health care and the advancement of nursing science.
  7. Assume legal and ethical responsibility for nursing activities and accountability for professional growth.
  8. Appraise own personal growth and actions based on Christian values.
  9. Demonstrates skills in use of informatics that support safe and ethical nursing practice.
Excellence-Driven Christ-Centered People-Focused Future-Directed