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RN-BSN E-Campus

Students desiring to complete course studies through E-Campus will be provided orientation material through e-mail.

Student Notes

  • Minimum requirements for student participation requires the ability to access the Internet with a high-speed connection (for example, DSL, cable, etc.). Dial-up will not meet the minimum requirements needed to participate fully in the courses.
  • You must have use of Microsoft Office software (in particular Word and PowerPoint) which is Union’s standard software. Optionally, may use OpenOffice (must save files in .doc and .ppt formats). Use of MS Works is not encouraged due to compatibility issues.
  • You must login to the course on the very first day of class!
  • Daily log into the course is expected. Participation in discussions is required.
  • All email correspondence in a course will be held within the MoodleRooms course. You may forward your MoodleRooms course email to an external account, but you can only reply within the course.
  • For Informational Technology training, get started here:
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