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Come join a top-tier University of the South that is Christ-centered and excellence driven by becoming a student at Union University in the School of Nursing - Nurse Anesthesia program. The nurse anesthesia graduate curriculum is 31 months in duration and includes training at 14 clinical sites.

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Molly Wright, DNP, CRNA, APRN
Assistant Professor
Nurse Anesthesia Track
April Yearwood, MSN, CRNA, APRN
Assistant Professor
Assistant Chair
Nurse Anesthesia Track
Melissa Lefave, MS, CRNA, APRN
Assistant Professor
Nurse Anesthesia Track

Human Patient Simulators

The Union University School of Nursing is unique in its innovative teaching strategies with the use of 5 METI Human Patient Simulators

Program Information

MSN Nurse Anesthesia Curriculum Model

Year 1 Year 2
Winter Semester (January)  
NUR 519 Professional Aspects of
Nurse Anesthesia
NUR 521 Basic Principles of Anesthesia I 3      
Total Credits 6    
Spring Semester (February-May) Spring Semester (January-May)
NUR 526 Theory and Ethics for
Advanced Nursing Practice
2 NUR 613 Cardiovascular/Pulmonary
NUR 515 Advanced Nursing Statistics
for the Health Sciences
3 NUR 614 Neurosurgical Anesthesia 2
NUR 531 Anesthesia Pharmacology I 3 NUR 574 Practicum II 6
NUR 522 Basic Principles of Anesthesia II 3 NUR 533 Research and Evidence-Based
BIO 505 Applied Anatomy & Phy I
(1st 8 Wks)
3 NUR 516 Informatics and Healthcare 3
BIO 507 Applied Anatomy & Phy II
(2nd 8 Wks)
Total Credits 17 Total Credits 17
Summer Semester (June-August) Summer Semester (June-August)
NUR 523 Clinical Prevention and
Population Health
2 NUR 691 Nurse Anesthesia
Clinical Residency
NUR 587 Anesthesia Techniques 3      
NUR 586 Anesthesia Pathophysiology 3      
NUR 532 Anesthesia Pharmacology II 3      
BIO 509 Applied Human
Gross Anatomy
Total Credits 15 Total Credits 1
Fall Semester (September-December) Fall Semester (September-December)
NUR 554 Practicum I 5 NUR 691 Nurse Anesthesia
Clinical Residency
NUR 611 Obstetrical Anesthesia 2      
NUR 612 Pediatric Anesthesia 2      
NUR 545 Health Systems and Leadership for
Advanced Nursing Practice
Total Credits 11 Total Credits 1
Year 3
Spring Semester (January-May) Summer Semester (June-August)
NUR 691 Nurse Anesthesia
Clinical Residency
1 NUR 691 Nurse Anesthesia
Clinical Residency
Required Elective (Choose one 3 credit hour course)
NUR 507 Curriculum Design
NUR 525 Introduction to Administrative Practice
NUR 529 Health Care and Missions
NUR 696 Thesis
Electives offered during various semesters. See course schedule for offering of electives.
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