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Community Responsibility and Accountability

At Union University all members of the University community have a responsibility to the values of the University and to one another. The commitment to these values is expected at any time a student is enrolled, whether or not school is in session. When in the presence of a Values Violation, the individual has the responsibility to 1) intervene and confront the violation so the behavior stops; and/or 2) immediately leave the area where the violation is occurring and contact appropriate Union University staff members so the violation can be confronted. If members of the community willingly remain in the presence of a values violation without either confronting the violation, or leaving the area immediately and contacting appropriate University staff members, they may be perceived as supporting the values violation and may be subject to sanctions as well. Such support of violations undermines the purpose of the community as an atmosphere conducive to academic and personal growth for its members, and thus the individual present may be subject to sanctions.

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