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Chapel is a time when the University community gathers for a shared learning and growing experience within the context of corporate worship. Chapels are designed to provide spiritual encouragement, moral guidance and intellectual challenge. A chapel calendar is available through the Office of Spiritual Life.

The chapel program is an integral part of the life of the university. It is the central and focal event of the university as a whole and serves as a time for the entire Union community to express its common commitment to Jesus Christ through corporate worship. The purpose of Chapel at Union University is to worship and glorify God while building community and informing in the areas of faith, living and learning.

Along with exposure to a variety of worship styles and traditions, chapel speakers may include preachers and leaders of service ministries, as well as those who speak from a Christ-centered perspective on education, the arts, business, government, science, the family, and various complex contemporary issues.

Chapel is held every Wednesday and Friday at 10:00 a.m. There are approximately 26 chapels offered each semester. You must have your Student ID available to scan to receive chapel credit.

Check Your Balance

Chapel Requirements

All students who are not exempt from chapel or have approved chapel reductions are required to attend a minimum of fourteen (14) sessions each semester they are enrolled at Union. Reductions and exemptions from the chapel requirement are available only for the following students when accompanied by supporting documentation:

(a) enrolled in less than twelve(12) hours
(b) over 24 years of age
(c) enrolled only in Tuesday/Thursday classes
(d) fulfilling a required student teaching assignment
(e) internship
(f) education observation
(g) nursing clinical

Applications for chapel exemptions/reductions are submitted to Phyllis Davenport, Chapel Facilitator (located in the Office of Safety and Security across from the Lexington Inn) and are valid for one semester only. This means exempt students must submit and verify exemptions on a semester-by-semester basis. Chapel exemption forms are due by September 20 for the fall semester and February 20 for the spring semester.

Students who have been enrolled at Union for six consecutive semesters and have fulfilled chapel participation requirements are not required to attend chapel during their final two semesters their senior year, but must submit a Chapel Reduction/Exemption Form.

Students who do not attend 14 chapels per semester will be placed on chapel probation. Students on chapel probation will be expected to attend 14 chapels during the next semester as well as the balance of chapels they missed the semester prior. Students who are on chapel probation for more than two semesters may face suspension from the University for one semester.

Decisions regarding chapel exemptions and suspensions will be made by the Chapel Liaison committee composed of faculty and staff under the leadership of Taylor Worley, Associate Dean for Spiritual Life and Bryan Carrier, Assistant Dean of Students.

Chapel Schedules

For more information about chapel requirements, please contact Audra Teague at (731) 661-6528 or ateague@uu.edu.

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