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Severe Weather and Shelter Locations

This section is intended to provide guidance in the event of a tornado watch and/or warning. Please review and be familiar with the shelter locations in the event of severe weather.

The State of Tennessee is prone to a high number of tornadoes. Due to this fact, it is necessary to have an organized method by which to provide ample warning of the possibility of a tornado and to respond in the event a tornado has been spotted or the campus is struck.


Procedures to follow in the event of a tornado warning begin with the communications and warning system used by the city of Jackson and Madison County. Sirens located in various parts of the city and county are used to alert citizens of a tornado warning. These sirens can be heard in and around most campus locations.

Notification & Warning

When notification has been received through the National Weather Service or through the local municipal emergency warning sirens of a tornado warning in the immediate area a notification will be sent via the emergency text message system: http://www.uu.edu/uualerts/

In the event that conditions become conducive for a tornado:

In the event of a threat of severe weather:

In the event of severe weather:

Shelter Locations

Barefoot Student Union Building Interior restrooms and interior office suite hallways
Blasingame Academic Complex Center classrooms and restrooms
Fesmire Fieldhouse Interior restrooms
Grant Event Center Interior hallway and restrooms
Hammons Hall 1st floor stairwells and interior restrooms
Jennings Hall 1st floor hallways, cinder-block doorways, and restrooms
Luther Hall Interior restrooms
Penick Academic Complex Interior hallways and restrooms
Providence Hall 1st floor restrooms and interior hallway adjacent to classrooms 160-162
White Hall 1st floor hallways and restrooms
Residential Buildings 1st floor restrooms
Emporium Drive/Germantown/ Olford/Hendersonville Interior room or hallway
Residential Students Move to a downstairs bathroom in a residential apartment, Game Room in Bowld, or McAfee Commons bathrooms

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