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Apply For Your Graduation Audit Online

Before you begin:

Have you had a degree audit in the past?

To see if you have had a degree audit in the past, go to WebAdvisor-Academic Profile-My Profile. Your degree auditor will be listed as your counselor.

Unless you have changed your academic degree/major/minor/concentration since your last audit appointment, you do not need another audit. You may contact your auditor with any specific questions.

Have you earned 72 or more credit hours?

To view your total credit hours, go to WebAdvisor-Academic Profile-Undergraduate Transcript. Your total credit hours will be located at the bottom of the transcript.

Does your recorded degree program major/minor in WebAdvisor match your intended major/minor?

To view your recorded degree program major/minor, go to WebAdvisor-Academic Profile-My Profile. If your academic program does not match, you will need to go to the office of the Academic Dean of your intended major to have this corrected before your audit.

Applying for your degree audit:

There are two ways to get to the portal's Degree Audit Appointment Application.

Please read and follow all the instructions on this page. You will then be asked up to four yes/no questions to determine if you are qualified for a degree-audit appointment at this time.

After you complete the online application, you will be contacted by the Academic Center to schedule an appointment time.

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