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Preceptor Training Workshop - Curriculum Map

It may be advantageous for you as a preceptor to be familiar with the current curriculum map. The following gives you a look at the coursework that each athletic training student must complete in order to graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training. The instructional map may be similar to what you endured as an athletic training student. The courses that are highlighted in yellow are classes that are taught specifically by the ATEP faculty. If you are interested in the possibility of becoming an adjunct instructor in the program, please let me know.

  • First year students concentrate on the academic core at Union and take prerequisite coursework for entry in the athletic training education program, including introduction to sports medicine, medical terminology, first aid and cpr, and elementary nutrition.
  • Second year students enter the first clinical sequence and focus on the applied sciences that provide the foundation for continued study of human processes.
  • Third year students enter the third and fourth clinical sequences, with coursework that is primarily focused on the ATEP curriculum.
  • The fourth year students enter the 5th and 6th clinical sequences which incorporate a capstone experience. At this point in the curriculum, Union University's athletic training students are functioning as directed and supervised student assistants with specific sports assignments. Clinical VI includes a series of practice tests for BOC preparation and an assessment of each clinical proficiency in the 5th edition educational competencies.

Union University ATEP Instructional Map

Freshman - Fall Semester
Course Pre-requisite Preparation
UNI 195 Learning, Worldview, and God's Design (2) Criminal Background Check
PEWS 100 Fitness for Health (1) Drug Screening
CHR 111 Old Testament Survey (3) CPR Certification
ENG 111 Written Composition I (3) Technical Standards
PHY 111 Principles of the Physical Sciences (4) or
PHY 213 Introduction to Physics (4)
Immunization records submitted
PEWS 222 First Aid/CPR (3) Physical Examination
Freshman - Spring Semester
MATH 111 College Algebra (3) Application Submission
PEWS 113 Elementary Nutrition (3) Interview
ENG 112 Written Composition II (3) References provided
CHR 112 New Testament Survey (3) Letter of Acceptance Received
PEWS 240 Introduction to Sports Medicine (3) TB Skin Test
PEWS 195 Medical Terminology (2) Hepatitis B Vaccination (Optional)
Sophomore - Fall Semester 1st Clinical Sequence
AT 265 Athletic Training Clinical I (3) 100 Hour Field Experience Minimum
MATH 114 Introduction to Statistics (3)  
BIO 221 Anatomy and Physiology I (4)  
ENG 201 World Literature I (3)  
AT 170 Risk Management and Taping (1)  
Sophomore - Spring Semester 2nd Clinical Sequence
AT 275 Athletic Training Clinical II (3) 100 Hour Field Experience Minimum
BIO 222 Anatomy and Physiology II (3)  
COM 112 Public Communication (3) or
COM 235 Interpersonal Communication (3)
AT 360 Therapeutic Modalities (3)  
AT 318 Advanced Injury Management (3)  
Sophomore/Junior Summer Term
BIO 322 Human Gross Anatomy (4)  
Junior - Fall Semester 3rd Clinical Sequence
AT 365 Athletic Training Clinical III (3) 125 Hour Field Experience Minimum
AT 361 Upper Body Evaluation (3)  
AT 370 Lower Body Evaluation (3)  
PEWS 414 Kinesiology (3)  
AT 350 Administration and Management Strategies in Athletic Training (3)  
AT 365 Athletic Training Clinical III (3)  
Junior Winter Term
BIO 300 Pathophysiology (3)  
Junior - Spring Semester 4th Clinical Sequence
AT 375 Athletic Training Clinical IV (3) 125 Hour Field Experience Minimum
AT 460 Therapeutic Exercise and Rehabilitation (3)  
AT 455 General Medicine and Pharmacology (3)  
PEWS 415 Physiology of Exercise (3)  
PEWS 461 Exercise Testing and Prescription (3)  
Senior - Fall Semester 5th Clinical Sequence, Senior Practicum
AT 465 Athletic Training Clinical V (3) 175 Hour Field Experience Minimum
PSY 213 General Psychology (3)  
ART 210 Arts in Western Civilization (3)  
HIS 101 World Civilization I (3)  
ENG 202 World Literature II (3)  
Senior - Spring Semester 6th Clinical Sequence, Senior Practicum
AT 475 Athletic Training Clinical VI (3) 175 Hour Field Experience Minimum
HIS 102 World Civilization II (3)  
PSY 330 Health Psychology/Psychology Elective (3)  
SOC 211 Principles of Sociology (3)  
PEWS 103 Beginning Swimming/PEWS Elective (1)  
Optional Courses (Pre-Physical Therapy Track)
BIO 112 Principles of Biology (4)  
BIO 211 Microbiology (4)  
BIO 214 Vertebrate Zoology (4)  
BIO 215 Botany (4)  
PHY 214 Introduction to Physics II (4)  
CHEM 111 General Chemistry (4)  
CHEM 112 Chemical Equilibrium (4)