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Program Effectiveness

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Preceptor Training Workshop - Evaluation Process for Students, Faculty, and Preceptors

In order to demonstrate compliance to the CAATE, our program must take measures to be demonstrate program and institutional effectiveness in all aspects of the athletic training education curriculum. The guidance for this process is continuously documented and revised in the ATEP Master Assessment Plan, a strategic planning document that plans for the future and assesses the current status of the program. This four part document consists of 1) an assessment and identification of current issues coupled with a program strategic response; 2) a comprehensive review of student performance; 3) an evaluation of program effectiveness; and 4) an evaluation of compliance to all CAATE standards for accreditation of entry-level athletic training education programs. The Master Assessment Plan is linked for your review at the top right hand of this page.

Your role in the master assessment plan is critical. First and foremost you will have the opportunity to evaluate the athletic training students that are assigned to you on a quarterly basis, or every eight weeks. You evaluation will account for 25% of the students clinical grade. In turn, the students will take the opportunity to evaluate you as well. These evaluations give us feedback, both in praise and criticism at times, and let us ensure our students are assertive in their field experiences and the instructors are accountable to mentoring them in the process. The evaluation process in Union's Athletic Training Education Program is exhaustive. The evaluation process includes ACI evaluations, faculty instruction evaluations, exit evaluations, affiliated clinical site evaluations, clinical competency evaluations and student performance evaluations. As an ACI, you must become familiar with the following:

  1. Clinical Competence Assessments
  2. Student Clinical Performance Evaluations
  3. Approved Clinical Instructor Evaluations