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Preceptor Training Workshop - Evaluations and The Grading Process

Athletic Training Students at Union are required to compile a minimum of 800 hours of supervised clinical field experiences in the three year sequential program. In accordance with the ATEP student handbook, the grading of clinical education must be in components of time served (25%), a clinical competency demonstrations (25%), an on-line module assessment (25%) and a student performance evaluation that is completed by an approved clinical instructor and/or a clinical instructor (25%). Each student's clinical course grade will be calculated according to the percentages and grading scale specified below. An example of the student clinical performance evaluation is linked at the top right of this web page. A student must score 70% in all assessments in order to move on to the next clinical sequence. Failure to achieve a 70% will require the student to retake the clinical as long as they are in overall good academic standing at Union.

Required Coursework Percentage of Grade and Grading Scale

Module Assessments/Competency Demonstrations 50%
Clinical Hours Accumulated 25%
Student Clinical Performance Evaluations 25%
Total = 100%

A = 90-100, B = 80-89, C = 70-79, F = 69 and below

Year in Program Hours Competencies Assessed Online Assessments Performance Evaluations
1st year Students 200 (100 per semester ) Training Room Introduction
Risk Management
No Mid-term and Final
2nd year students 250 (125 per semester) Therapeutic Modalities
Evaluation and clinical diagnosis
Yes Mid term and Final
3rd year students 350 (175 per semester) Rehabilitation and therapeutic exercise Yes Mid term and Final