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Preceptor Training Workshop - Program Mission

Union University's Miller Tower

Program Mission: "To challenge students to become highly effective allied health care professionals and leaders in the Christian community, incorporating both professional and spiritual growth in their life plans."

Union University offers it's students an education that is Christ centered, people focused, future directed, and excellence driven. Union University's Athletic training Education Program incorporates these principles in each phase of it's didactic and clinical education processes. The Union University student will study in a Christ centered atmosphere that challenges them to develop intellectually, professionally and spiritually so they can serve as soldiers of Christ in the allied health care. Unions students are exposed to a scholastic environment that fuses the medical sciences with Christian values, faith based learning, ethics and accountability in a variety of clinical settings. In recognizing that Union is an institution of Christian higher education, it should be noted that the students, faculty and staff at Union are subject to a strict behavioral code. This code simply states that the students, faculty and staff at Union will live a life that recognizes those principles of Christian faith, ethics and practice. We certainly want you as a clinical instructor to impact the lives of the students by imparting professional knowledge and demeanor, but we also want you to present a professional demeanor that emphasizes spiritual and professional wellness and growth.