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Preceptor Training Workshop - Pathology of Injury and Illness

  • Cellular anatomy and physiology
  • Cellular adaptations to stress, injury or disease
  • Physiology of fluid homeostasis
  • Acute/chronic pathological responses
  • Pathology of orthopedic injuries, illnesses and diseases
  • Describe the body's response to physical exercise with diseases, illnesses, and injury.

In order to demonstrate knowledge of the practice of athletic training, to think critically about the practices involved in athletic training, including the ability to integrate knowledge, skill and behavior, and to assume professional responsibility, the entry level certified atheltic trainer must possess an understanding of the cellular events and reactions and other pathological mechanisms in the development, progression and epidemiology of injuries illnesses and diseases.

The new standards and competencies require each program to offer course work in pathology/patho-physiology of injury and illness. Understanding the processes of the body in a injured or diseases state is integral in the development treatment regimens to promote health and wellness.