Becoming a Preceptor


Program Effectiveness

Instructional Skills


Preceptor Training Workshop - Pharmacology

In order to demonstrate knowledge of the practice of athletic training, to think critically about the practices involved in athletic training, including the ability to integrate knowledge, skill and behavior, and to assume professional responsibility, the entry-level certified athletic trainer must possess an understanding of pharmacologic applications and governing pharmacy regulations relevant to the treatment of injuries, illnesses, and diseases. The use of learning objectives and outcomes in pharmacology ensures that the student is able to:

Psychomotor Competencies

  1. Obtain and communicate patient education materials regarding physician-prescribed medication, over-the-counter drugs, and performance-enhancing substances using appropriate references.
  2. Abide by federal, state, and local regulations for the proper storage, transportation, dispensing (administering where appropriate), and documentation of commonly used medications.
  3. Activate and effectively follow locally established poison control protocols.