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Rosebrough and Leverett’s Transformational Teaching Book Honored at Book Signing Event

February 2, 2011 - On February 1, 2010, Union University Executive Dean Dr. Thomas R. Rosebrough and Graduate Director Dr. Ralph G. Leverett were honored at a book signing in recognition of their new text Transformational Teaching in the Infromation Age: Making Why and How We Teach Relevant to Students. Union University Provost Carla Sanderson opened the event with stating: “It is a pleasure to celebrate this far-reaching accomplishment of a journey. As we look back on all that we have been able to realize in Union’s teacher education program, we realize that today is an answer to prayer. This book reflects the tradition of excellence in our School of Education and it is shared by teacher-scholars who are part of the right team. ”

Each author read portions from the book, which took four years to research and write. Dr. Leverett chose a section from Chapter Two which focused on the hope that drives education. He read: “It takes a significant measure of hope to enter the teaching profession. It takes a whole teacher to teach a whole child. We teach to transform by being whole teachers. Transformational teaching implies that a fundamental change must take place among the members of a learning community.” Dr. Rosebrough followed with selections from Chapter Six that revealed the motivations behind the authors’ decision to write the book. After a few excerpts, he explained the book’s purpose with: “It is a book we are passionate about because it conveys the philosophy, psychology, and pedagogy that inform the practice of teaching. We were motivated by both macro-level and micro-level issues. At the macro- level we were concerned about the policies impacting education. There are challenges in education that need answers. At the micro- level, we focused on the essential relationship that exists between the teacher and the student. It is a holy relationship that changes the world. This focus gave us a passion to understand and describe how students learn, and then to teach for deep understanding. The heart of the book is that education has the power to transform lives through the pedagogical relationship formed between teacher and student.”

Dr. Ann Singleton, Associate Dean, concluded the event with, “As we know, we are currently facing a crisis in education in this country. Thank goodness for Drs. Rosebrough and Leverett who are providing valuable answers.” This book is published by ASCD, the world's largest publisher of books for teachers and school leaders.

Thomas R. Rosebrough is Executive Dean of the College of Education and Human Studies at Union University and University Professor of Education. He has taught elementary through doctoral students in both public and private schools. Ralph G. Leverett is Program Director for the Master of Education Program at Union University and Professor Special Education. He has taught students at all levels in public and private schools, and he is a speech-language pathologist.