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Dr. Leverett Travels to Belarus for Mission Trip

March 30, 2004 - A Special Needs Team served recently in Belarus. The team consisted of a psychologist, a speech-language pathologist with a specialization in Augmentative and Assistive Communication, the director of a residential home for persons with retardation, and Dr. Ralph Leverett of Union. Gene Nabi, Coordinator of Special Services for the Southern Baptist Convention, coordinated the group. The team was based in Mogilev, Belarus, a city of about 350,000. Dan Upchurch, SBC missionary, served as guide and interpreter. Two local Baptists, Svetlana and Demetri, created a schedule which included visits to an orphanage, a deaf preschool program, meeting with parents of children with disabilities, a two-day speaking schedule at Mogilev State Teachers University, and a day-long meeting with education officials of the Mogilev Oblast (administrative region). Team members returned with lists of personal and educational services needed in Mogilev and the oblast. Return trips are being considered within the next six months.

Orphanage - Glusk, Belarus

Developmental Preschool - Mogilev, Belarus

Early Intervention Program for the Deaf, Mogilev, Belarus

Education Officials - Roundtable at Mogilev State University

View of Central Orthodox Church, Mogilev, Belarus

Central Orthodox Church, Mogilev, Belarus