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Abbey Orr
Abbey Orr
Elementary Education
Jackson, Tenn.

"Union’s faculty is all about excellence. They don’t settle for anything less. They want me to excel in everything I do and they want me to be successful. The professors are so helpful in making that happen. Since the classes are small, they know you by name. You can go to their offices and they’ll help you out in any way possible."

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Union is guided by its commitment to excellence.

You’ll gain knowledge from faculty members who not only are leaders in their fields, but who are committed to serving as mentors, coaches and advisors to their students. They’re people who are committed to classroom teaching and the highest levels of scholarship. The student/teacher ratio at Union is 11 to 1. That’s among the best ratios you’ll see at any university.

Union is committed to educating the nation’s top students. Our Honors Program features small classes, strong collaboration between departments and extraordinary opportunities for research. This past year, the Scholars of Excellence program brought nearly 160 students to campus for a weekend of interviews, discussions and fellowship. Scholars of Excellence candidates have a minimum 31 ACT or 1360 SAT (combined critical reading and math). Everyone invited to compete during Scholars of Excellence weekend receives offers of significant assistance, from at least $12,000 to full-tuition, room and board.

Union is also committed to helping students who may fall short of some minimum admission requirements through its acclaimed Keystone Program. Many participating students achieve academic success they may not have thought possible.

Across many disciplines, Union students pursue national levels of excellence. One example is our most recent group of senior engineering students.

Each year, graduating seniors in that field take the Fundamentals of Engineering exam. It’s an eight-hour test that requires students to recall knowledge gained throughout their four years of engineering education. It’s also an important first step in the process of becoming a licensed professional engineer.

The national pass-rate is 77 percent. At Union, 100% of the seniors passed the exam. No other college or university in Tennessee registered a perfect pass rate.

At Union, we encourage excellence for all students. For more than 15 years, Union University has been ranked as a top-tier institution by U.S.News & World Report. Our students are encouraged to invest themselves in their education and to let the best in themselves come to the forefront. That’s why excellence-driven is our first core value.

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