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The Union University trail system is to be enjoyed by Union University students, faculty, staff and alumni as well as the general public. The trail system includes approximately 5 miles of hiking, running, and mountain biking trails located just west of the Pleasant Plains entrance. The trail system is composed of mostly beginner trails with a few sections that are more technically intermediate. There are two main sections of the trail which can be seen below. The southern loop is the shorter of the two trails (approximately 2 miles) and is less challenging; although, there are a few steep grades and heavily coniferous areas. The northern section is approximately 3 miles and is the more challenging of the two trails.

Larger view of the trail system (.pdf)

Participants utilize the Union University trails at their own risk. The University is not responsible for any injury that may occur to individuals or damage to property that may occur while utilizing the trail system. The University is not responsible for theft or loss of property on the trail system.

Listed Below are guidelines for using the trail system:

If you see any vandalism or inappropriate use, please contact Union University Safety and Security at: 731-394-2922.

For more information about the trail system or other recreational activities, please contact Wellness Services at: 731-661-5307.

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